What is NASSPE? What is our mission? Who are we?

NASSPE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2002, dedicated to the advancement of single-sex public education for both girls and boys. We do NOT believe that every child should be in a single-sex classroom. We DO believe that every parent should have a CHOICE of formats, single-sex vs. coed. In many American cities, affluent parents can choose whether to send their child to a coed private school or a single-sex private school; but less wealthy parents, who can't afford private school, don't have a choice. We believe that parents are the best-qualified people to decide which format would be best for their child.

NASSPE has three major missions:

1) To provide professional development opportunities for teachers, sharing the latest research about different teaching strategies for girls and boys. Professional development events sponsored by NASSPE -- more than 300 events in all -- have now taken place in almost every corner of the United States, from Alaska to south Florida and from Connecticut to to southern California, as well as in British Columbia, Alberta, and multiple venues in Ontario.

2) To serve as a resource for teachers, parents and administrators considering single-sex educational programs. For example, NASSPE's ongoing conferences and professional workshops have provided educators from around the United States with invaluable lessons learned -- by their fellow public-school educators -- in making the transition from coed public school to single-sex academy.

3) To provide a clearinghouse for relevant facts and information about public schools and classrooms in the United States, as well as to promulgate new research. One aspect of this mission is a new publication, launched in October 2009, entitled "Advances in Gender and Education". To read the first issue, or to find out more about the journal, please click here .

This web site is intended likewise to serve as a compendium of accurate and reliable information to frequently asked questions. For example: how many public schools in the United States offer single-sex classrooms? What exactly are the legal constraints applicable to public schools in the US offering single-sex classrooms? You'll find answers to those questions here.

Dr. Leonard Sax chairs NASSPE's governing board. For an up-to-date listing NASSPE's advisory board, please click here.

NASSPE Supporters
Supporters of single-sex public education are a diverse community including anyone who believes that American parents should have the option of single-sex education for their children in their own public school. If that description fits you, please send us an e-mail, or call us at 610 296 2821, or send a fax to 610 993 3139. You'll receive our e-newsletter, as well as occasional updates on breaking news about single-sex public education. We will never share your name or your e-mail address with anybody, period. You can also share your opinions and ideas by writing to us at
64 East Uwchlan Avenue, #259
Exton, PA 19341

NASSPE was originally known as NAASSPE, the National Association for the Advancement of Single Sex Public Education. The name was shortened (deleting "the Advancement of") in June 2002.


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